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Spares for B.S.A. Small-Bore Rifles

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We receive many enquiries for spares for rifles manufactured by B.S.A. (Birmingham Small Arms Co.).

The current position is fortunately not entirely hopeless, but spares availability is every year reducing. With few dealers holding significant stock, such remaining original items as they possess are suffering ongoing depletion. If you hold parts you wish to sell, then let us know and we will add your contact details to this page.

It can still be economically viable, and often the simplest way out, to purchase another complete rifle for cannibalisation, either privately for one's own use or, as do some dealers, for trade purposes. However, this is not best practice unless the rifle being broken up is truly past further possible service. It is far preferable that intact rifles remain as such.

We have been made aware of a very few U.K. traders who hold limited spares, and of at least one who manufactures some replacement parts. When passing on that information to all and sundry, we accept no responsibilty for any dealings or communications that may arise out of use of that information. We offer this information without prejudice, have no connection with those individuals' trading, and are neither making recommendations nor receiving any commission on any sales - that is not what this website is about. We are here solely to assist shooters and collectors of classic rifles.

If you are looking for parts for your cherished B.S.A. rifle, you could probably do worse than approach the following:

John Knibbs International

They specialise in air rifle spares, but still hold many cartridge rifle parts, including:

BSA Martini International - all Marks ( but less for the Mk.I.)

Stocks, fore-ends, barrels and actions. Extractor levers are newly manufactured.

BSA Model 12/15 - various spares, including some action components

BSA Model 12 - as the 12/15 but lesser availablity

Plus other sundry parts, including low and reducing stocks of various sights


All manner of rifles and spares are available from EMmA Custom Rifles,

who hold significant stocks of BSA, A.G. Parker and Parker-Hale sundries, particularly sights and 'scope mounts.

They have been especially helpful with finding missing parts needed for the Rifleman collection's rifles.




T.W.Chambers & Co (Gun & Riflemakers)

advertise online, spares for the Model 12/15, Sportsman (but not magazines) and Armatic rifles, as well as some centre-fire and shotgun parts. They appear no longer to have anything for the International rifles

PO Box 5745, Dingwall, Ross-shire, Scotland. IV16 9WF

Phone:+44 (0)1349 832974 Fax: +44 (0)1349 830498


The Classic Gun Company (near Bisley)

Some spares and complete rifles.

A small number of sights for Internationals may still be available,

and a number of unusual small-bore rifles.

Email: The Classic Gun Company

Please note that Alfred J. Parker & Co. of Moseley Road, Birmingham have now closed

Many non-pressure-bearing BSA and other rifles' parts are to be found at online auction sites and those of online firearms dealers. The next best option is a visit to one of the many arms fairs, where those dealers who do not undertake web sales often have boxes of various spare parts; the quest can be a hobby initself!

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